Our Profile

Tratek GmbH have been supplying Eco Friendly Solar Energy Products for over 7 years. We provide solar products worldwide, mainly focusing on European, Asian, North Africa and South American markets. We are full qualified on our products with TUV certifications. From the establishment of our company to now, we have already won many loyalty and long-term cooperative customers, who are together with our superb staff of know-how to effectively offer our environment more cleaner and cost-saving solar energy.

Our Dedication

Tratek GmbH is dedicated to continually providing you the best services and Solar-related Products, mainly but not only the solar panels, on the markets.

Our Advantage

One stop-shop for top quality, since the picking up could be directly done from our local warehouse in each main market.

We are a one-stop shop registered in Germany, for the highest quality German standard solar panels & products.

We produce solar panels and relative elements as well All our panels are produced meet the all requirements of the highest German standard regulations.

Highest guarantees in the industry Our panels come with a 25 years performance & 10 years product warranty. A warranty you can trust and confidently pass on to your customers.

First class customer service As part of our world-renowned tradition, our customers always come first. We value your time and patronage thus our friendly staff will always go out of their way to ensure you always think of us with a smile.

When you got any problem with our products, we please your emails to tell us.
We are 24 hours around the clock to respond to your emails for any questions or inquiries.